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Thank you, World! 谢谢你,世界! 献给盛世中国!

感谢Jessica Liu震撼人心的优美文字,节选了部分录制了一段语音,借此聊表对盛世中国的感恩之心,全文如下: 同时节选录制了一段语音放在了全民K歌里:https://node.kg.qq.com/play?s=FxuQ5JFhxZskgFO3&shareuid=679d998c252b3f8c32&topsource=
谢谢你们! Thank YOU! 谢谢你,日本, Thank you, Japan, 不仅给予我们支持,还有这美妙的诗句, for your support as well as the beautiful poem, 让我们想起我们两国间紧密的文化纽带; which reminded us of our shared cultural bonds. 谢谢你,俄罗斯, Thank you, Russia, 在我们最需要的时候及时出现, for being there for us when we are in need, 用实际行动表达了你们的关心。 and expressing your care through practical actions. 谢谢你,巴基斯坦, Thank you, Pakistan, 举全国之力鼎力相助, for supporting us with resources throughout the whole country 即便倾尽所有也在所不惜。 even if it means to give out everything you have. 谢谢你,柬埔寨, Thank you, Cambodia, 在这个特殊时期来到中国, for visiting us in this exceptional time. 你们的出现就已经是最好的礼物。 Your presence alone is the best gift we could ever have. 谢谢你,蒙古, Thank you, Mongolia 给我们带来这么多头羊作为礼物, for gifting us with so many sheep, 彰显了两国珍贵的情谊; which shows a precious friendship of our two nations. 谢谢你,西班牙、意大利、阿根廷, Thank you,Spain, Italy, and Argentina, 你让我们意识到我们共同拥有的 you make us realize there’s more we have in common 不止对足球的热爱, beyond our passion for soccer, 还有对人类的关爱。 And that is love and care for mankind. 谢谢你们,WHO的专家们, Thank you, WHO experts. 谢谢你,联合国秘书长古特雷斯先生, Thank you, UN Secretary-General Mr. Guterres, 让世界听到真相, for telling the truth to the world, 并呼吁世界人民团结一致,共同抗击病毒。 and calling for global solidarity to fight against the virus. 谢谢你们,阿联酋、韩国、希腊以及美国人民, Thank you, UAE, Korean, Greek and American people 你们点亮的不止是大厦, You not just light up the buildings, 还有我们的心。 but also our hearts. 谢谢你,英国的豆豆先生, Thank you, Mr. Dixon from UK, 在我们最需要的时候给我们带来欢乐; for bringing joy to us when we really need it. 谢谢你,比利时的尚马龙先生, Thank you, Mr. Maljean from Belgium, 你创作的美妙音乐治愈了我们的心灵; for creating such beautiful music which heals our soul. 还有你、你、你、你们,谢谢你们! Thank you, you, you, and you. 我们亲爱的朋友们, My dear friends, 请原谅我无法一一列出你们的名字。 forgive me for not being able to say your name one by one. 但我们可以感受到你们善良之心的温暖, But we could feel the warmth of your kind hearts, 还有你们可爱笑脸背后的力量。 and the power of your lovely smiles. 病毒面前没有国界, There are no borders in front of virus. 爱和关怀同样无疆。 But so does love and care. 而此刻正是爱和关心将我们紧密相连, And that’s what connects us together in this moment 尽管我们肤色不同, despite the different colors of our skin 语言不通。 and the different languages we speak. 在这场战斗中,没有你我,只有我们。 There is no you or me in this battle, but only us. 因为我们是休戚与共的命运共同体。 Because we are a community with a shared future. 这意味着只有当我们团结一体, And that means we could only have a bright future 才能拥有美好的未来! when we are united as one. 感谢你们,我亲爱的朋友们 Thank you, my dear friends, 感谢你们,选择了理解而非偏见 for choosing understanding over prejudice, 感谢你们,选择了团结而非歧视 for choosing solidarity over discrimination, 感谢你们,选择了支持而非自私 for choosing support over selfishness, 感谢你们,选择了关心而非冷漠 and for choosing care over indifference. 我们无法想象每一个选择背后所面临的困难。 We could not imagine how hard it is to make these choices. 但我们相信这些都是最明智的选择。 But we believe that they are the wisest ones. 因为现在世界各地正在发生的一切证明了 Because what is happening now around the world 你们帮助的不仅仅只是中国, proves that you are not just helping China, 而是每一个在这个地球上生活的人类。 but every single human being on this planet. 中国历来是一个懂得感恩的民族。 China has always been a grateful nation throughout its history. 我们会将所有善举铭刻在心, We will engrave these good deeds in our hearts 并与各国共克时艰, and contribute to the world by working together with other countries 以此回馈世界。 to overcome the crisis and challenges we are facing. 病毒还在蔓延, The virus is still spreading. 战斗还在继续, The war is still ongoing. 但只要我们共同作战, But as long as we fight together 我们就一定能取得最终的胜利。 We will win this war in the end. 正如《联合国歌》中唱到的一样 Just as the song goes: 联合国家团结向前 United nations on the march 义旗招展 With flags unfurled 携手并肩 Together fight for victory 谢谢你,世界! Thank you, World!